Providers ok

You went to school to be a healthcare provider,

not a glorified scribe.

Let's face it. It seems like today's practice focuses too much on charting and not enough on caring. The growing documentation burden in healthcare leaves you with the feeling that medicine isn't what it used to be.

We created Allevia™ to help apply technology where the EHR falls short. With the help of our solution, providers can reclaim the sacred art they signed up for from the very beginning.

Why your practice should use Allevia™

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Learn more about Allevia™ by clinical sub-specialty:

  • Orthopedics
  • Primary Care
  • OB/GYN (coming soon)
  • Pediatrics (coming soon)

Less EHR Time

Allevia™ captures in-depth clinical intake and generates a draft note in the EHR prior to your patient's visit. Our studies have shown a 30% reduction in EHR usage with Allevia™, leading up to 1 hour saved per physician per day in documentation.

Saves money

Allevia™ is a fraction of the cost of scribes, medical assistants, and transcription services. Most clients see a 90% cost reduction due to requiring fewer ancillary staff, allowing the practice to be more efficient by keeping overhead costs low.

Higher Quality Notes

Unlike most EHR-provided intake, Allevia™ generates usable clinical notes in the format clincians are used to consuming data. Allevia™ captures a detailed History of Present Illness (HPI), identifies relevant Pertinent Postives and Pertinent Negatives, and conducts a comprehensive Review of Systems (ROS) including extended systems of the Chief Complaint and minimal information from all others.

More Revenue

Physician practices improperly undercode 21% of all cases, leading to over $50,000 left on the table per physician each year. Because of the ability to perform clinical-level intake, Allevia is able to optimizing coding accuracy for all Evaluation Management (E/M) CPT standards. Our clients currently see a 10% increase in their E/M accuracy and fee-for-service (FFS) billing volume by enhancing their EHR with Allevia™.

Lower Malpractice Risk

Because of the ability to collect clinical information directly from the patient, Allevia™ can help minimize malpractice claims in certain "he said-she said" cases. Our technology keeps virtual visitation logs of each patient's encounter and their inputs which can be provided under legal circumstances.