A Plug-in for your Practice

Allevia™ is an EHR plug-in that extends your portal's clinical intake by using the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate high quality notes using patient inputs.


Mobile Notification

As soon as an appointment is scheduled, patients receive a text message, email, or portal notification to the application encounter. Patients can complete the encounter with their computer, phone, or a clinic-provided tablet.

AI-Powered Intake

Allevia™ uses intelligent algorithms and evidence-based data sets to guide the patient through clinical-level intake questions specific to the patient's chief complaint, medical history, and visitation type.

Draft EHR Note

Allevia™ converts the patient's responses into a H&P or SOAP draft note in the EHR containing a full-prose HPI, comprehensive ROS, and updated complete history - all before ever seeing the patient in the exam room.


90% of patients prefer using Allevia™ when compared to traditional intake, a finding which may contribute to greater patient satisfaction scores.

Physicians using Allevia see a 30% reduction in EHR time, leading to an additional 6 minutes saved per clinic-hour.

Our clients can see more patients per day and optimized accuracy of Evaluation & Management (E/M) codes. 

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